Dr AL Sharada
Mar 09, 2020

Creative Critique: Women's Day ads seen through the gender lens

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of Women's Day ads

Creative Critique: Women's Day ads seen through the gender lens
The ad shows two women professionals choosing footwear based on comfort coupled with style. The ad also tries to break the stereotype of a woman doctor; which is good. But how comfortable a woman would be in a short skirt and pencil heals in an Indian hospital context is the question that begs to be answered. 
GS Score 3.25/5
By beseeching the viewers to prepare their daughters for business leadership, the ad addresses one of the key factors for son preference – ‘who will take over my business after me?’ It is no wonder that sex ratios are lowest in business and land owning communities. Apart from that the ad also addresses the “Paraya Dhan” concept — which makes families not invest on their daughters’ education and wellbeing — when the father instead considers his daughter to be the Lakshmi of his home and business even after her marriage.  
GS Score 5/5
Lotte India

Treasure hunt with Lotte, the ultimate aspiration of women on Women's Day! 
GS Score 2.5/5
Metro Shoes
Once again a brand conveys a strong message to change our language to acknowledge and give visibility to women in society. I hope the ad industry adopts it as an important guideline for promoting gender sensitivity in their ads. 
GS Score 5/5

Women are expected to be extra careful with their dressing and any exposure of any sort is considered an invitation for intrusion and violence. Peeping bra straps are always a no-no. But the question is should the people around us be judging us about our character based on a wardrobe malfunction? 
GS Score 5/5
Oops. I did not know that a face cream can hide all the unhealthy behaviours of youth. 
Amazing product! 
GS Score: 2/5
Dr Sharada is director, Population First. Every week she reviews a selection of ads on Campaign India.
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