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Mar 01, 2020

Creative Critique through the gender lens: Ad reviews 24-28 February

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Dr Sharada
Dr Sharada

An analysis of ads showing women reveal that typically a woman is shown in a sexualised context as follows:
•        Touching self
•        Caressing an object
•        Lying on the floor
•        Sitting on a bed or chair
•        Eyes closed
•        Not alert
•        Confused
•        Vulnerable
•        Body contorted
•        Dressed like a child
•        Holding an object or a man for support
•        Sexy and sexually available
•        Seductive
•        Playful
•        Careless
Can we get a more stereotypical ad than this? Tick the boxes and check for yourself.
GS Score 1/5

Absenteeism in schools and workplaces due to problems associated with periods is a well -known phenomenon. It is also a fact that many girls drop out of school after puberty because of poor hygiene and sanitation facilities in school and lack of good hygiene products to manage the menstrual flow. Whisper campaign is definitely making a difference to the lives of all the girls it is reaching out to.
The ad has a feel-good look to it with lilting background score and the girls being portrayed as playful, fun-loving, energetic and full of positivity. The stress and tension on the faces of some of the girls going through menstruation is heart touching. We need to see more such positive images of girls in the public domain to increase the visibility of girls and highlight their space in society.
GS Score 4/5
I wish the content creators get a little more creative…cheating husband, jealous ‘unattractive’ wife, cricket playing naughty boy, newspaper reading grand father – the picture of a stereotypical family is complete.
GS Score 2/5
Star Sports
Sports= men and boys= crazy??? 2/5
NPCI (Multiple films)
Good to see a woman giving professional advice on using UPI for better and safer market transactions. However, the stereotyping in the stories could have been avoided.
GS Score : 3.5/5
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