Creative Critique from a gender lens: 28 September-2 October

Dr AL Sharada, director, Population First, reviews a selection of ads from last week

Oct 07, 2020 04:46:00 AM | Article | Dr AL Sharada

"Baby, you are my CVV and I am your OTP. When we come together our love payment is easy". Really...a catchy, cheesy jingle. I would not be surprised if it becomes the new anthem of roadside romeos.

GS Score: 1.5/5
The ads project the festive spirit. It is heartening to see the brand featuring a middle aged woman driving a long distance in the car. It is rare to find middle aged or older women driving cars in ads or on roads. And more importantly, she buys the car. The ad thus breaks the stereotype that cars are for men and for young women.
GS Score: 4/5
The ad breaks two stereotypes, one that men are best drivers and navigators and two that men have the first right over the new car or any car. It not only shows a man losing the way and being confused but also has a young girl, not a boy, pointing out the navigation feature of the car. Similarly the second ad has a traditionally dressed woman driving the new car confidently with her husband in the passenger seat. In a country where if a couple goes out in a car it is always the man who drives, it is a welcome change.
GS Score: 4.5/5
Humorous ads that reflect the new normal. While the first ad is stereotypical with the woman busy with household work and the man trying to do his office work in a noisy home with kids, the second ad shows the burden of washing a large number of vessels. Only difference is that this time it is the man who is almost in tears watching the piled up vessels.
GS Score: 3.75/5
The ad by juxtaposing the work related stress of the man in the voice over with a similar kind of a stress experienced by the woman at home acknowledges that the stress experienced by the woman is no less. I am glad the husband does not present her a Saffola Oil can but actually offers to do his bit to reduce her stress.
GS Score 4:25/5
A heartwarming story, in these times of isolation and loneliness.
GS Score: 3/5