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Feb 01, 2017

Creative Critique: Ad Reviews 15-31 January

IBD's Rahul Gupta and McCann's Kapil Batra review ads from the fortnight, while Population First's Dr AL Sharada scans them through a gender lens

Creative Critique: Ad Reviews 15-31 January

West Bengal Tourism

Kapil Batra, executive creative director, McCann Worldgroup India (KB): - Definitely not a breakthrough tourism ad. But it’s lovely. Very well shot. Makes one wants to visit Bengal. Innovative use of the celebrity, too. Doesn’t overshadow or dictate the creative yet makes his presence felt. Thumbs up.  GSS: Neutral
Rahul Gupta, managing director, IBD (RG): The film is refreshing and stays away from the destination display and the typical tourism advertising and portrays the cultural aspects of West Bengal in the most engaging way. Complete cultural and visual treat, distinctly different from other tourism ads and very true to WB. GSS: 8
Dr Sharada, programme director, Laadli (Population First) (ALS): The ad portrays a woman exploring the city alone, being comfortable and at ease with herself. It highlights the essence of the state through the eyes of a foreigner and a woman. However,  the ad ends with Shahrukh Khan grabbing the shocked girl...was it necessary? Does it not reinforce the notion that a macho man can take the liberty of grabbing a woman and that she will actually like it!!! GSS:4
Bajaj Avenger
KB: Loved it. It’s topical without being preachy or predictable. They are doing a great job in giving Avenger the status of an explorer’s bike. GSS: 5
RG: It’s a different take on republic day, fresh and new. The idea of exploring nature and India on a bike goes well with the adventurer mindset and the ad seamlessly places Bajaj at the center of the experiences people collect, makes it very aspirational. GSS: NA
ALS: Men, bikes, wilderness and adventure....there seems to be no place for women! GSS: 4
KB: This one is OK. The presence of a real cricketer could have taken it up a few notches. It would have made the whole incident more engaging. GSS: Neutral
RG: The plot of not using a real celebrity is a damper, as the idea does not register easily. Apno ke saath – apni khushi allows for a better storytelling and unearthing deeper human and family emotions. GSS: 8.
ALS: Deals with Indians obsession with sports persons. However, it is stereotypical in the way it portrays men and women. GSS: 4
KB: Stories create books. Books create stories. Nice take. Nice film. GSS: Neutral
RG: Human stories told in simplest ways have always created impact. Yet, another human story presented well, the creative execution, production values and story line are all well placed. A unique take “Books create story”. GSS: 8.
ALS: Gender Neutral. 

KB: It’s funny. Could have been pushed further to make it funnier. Especially the pre-reveal part.
GSS: Neutral
RG: Simple and clutter breaking, the proposition and creative execution is spot on. Urging people to use their discretion than taking opinion of others, augers well for the brand, considering the fact that Aegon might not be the TOM choice in the category. GSS: NA
ALS: Once again I ask why is obesity always associated with stupidity. Need to question such stereotyping as well. GSS: 4

KB: Very well executed. But what’s the difference between this one and the previous one? Quite similar. Don’t really know the reason to do this. GSS: Neutral
RG: When you break free from the regular you have a life to live. Mahindra strongly identifies with those who have desire to break free from their mundane and this communication puts forward the ideology of the brand emphatically. Good film, wanting you to make a road trip now. GSS: 9
ALS: The ad gives equal exposure to women both as those driving, and also as those joining in the journey and experiencing the thrill and adventure of exploring different terrains in the vehicle. GSS: 6 
KB: Funny. Will grab attention. GSS: 4
RG: The usual forgetful husband and a reprimanding wife plot is little too clichéd, could have been more interesting. Especially when the proposition is so strong, which can be afforded by anyone. GSS: 5.
AGS: Gender Neutral. 
KB: Tapzo is an all in one app. Communicates the message and the ads are entertaining as well. Good job. GSS: 3
RG: The story telling in straight without much meat in it, but delivers the proposition. Could have been more engaging and interesting, considering the convenience it is going to offer in app crowded phones and use of various apps in daily life. GSS: 5
ALS: Does internet mean only pornography and stalking women? GSS: 4 
KB: An average script meets average direction. Here’s a piece that’s quite forgettable despite the presence of two popular cricketers. GSS: Neutral
RG: “Unpack your dreams”, using two young and successful cricketers is a good platform to connect with the young energy in the country, this completely functional and product centric is no different from many we have seen. The story of the young winning their dreams, would have been much more engaging. GSS – NA
ALS: Men, Sports, success, travel and luggage. The ad builds on the same theme. It is sad that in a country that has immense pool of successful and talented women we still cannot see beyond men cricketers! GSS: 4
KB: Well executed. The car looks stunning and powerful. But why the payoff, ‘...salutes India’. I don’t understand why some brands try so hard to communicate the whole ‘we love India’, ‘we understand India’ approach? Does it really work? GSS: Neutral
RG:  A glorious product demo. GSS - NA
ALS:  A beautiful and watchable ad draws parallels between the country and the car without resorting to any Macho images of patriotic men. The focus remains entirely on the features of the car  and does not bring into picture the driver of the car.  GSS: 6
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