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May 22, 2019

Cannes Contenders 2019: Leo Burnett

Believe your entry deserves a Lion? Send us the work and the case

Cannes Contenders 2019: Leo Burnett
Ahead of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2019, we are back with our 'Cannes Contender' series.   
The premise is: How much time really does a Cannes juror get, to understand a case or piece of work s/he hasn't come across before?   
Too little. It's up to us to help them get acquainted with the good work prior. We present here entries from Indian/South Asian agencies that their creators believe will be in contention for Lions at the 2019 International Festival of Creativity.  
Leo Burnett has five such entries.
Jeep Democracy
In 2019 there are over 900 million Indians who are eligible to vote. But many are left behind due to the inaccessible conditions of their villages. Rough terrain with conditions too harsh to reach the polling station leave them incapacitated and helpless. This general election, Jeep took the rough road to democracy, by ferrying the people from remote locations to their polling station. With 11 hours of non-stop driving, 800 kilometres were covered over multiple trips through some of the toughest terrain in the subcontinent. Special arrangements were made for the elderly as well as young mothers who were feeding their children, enabling many eligible voters to vote for the first time. Now, several Jeep communities have pledged their support and are taking the initiative forward, proactively. What better way to show India what Jeep can do than the greatest election in the world? 
2019, all eyes were on India as the largest democracy underwent pivotal elections. While brands, celebrities and media houses echoed generic preaching around voting, MTV needed to break clutter and reconnect with the youth. So we started a dialogue with India’s 356 million young voters. One, that didn’t preach, but reminded them how privileged they were. One that hit them with reality.
For the first time, a pro-voting campaign featured those who didn’t have the choice to vote; Youth from dictatorships, failed democracies, and countries of asylum. Their stories of struggles without democracy, reminded the Indian youth to #VoteBecauseYouCan.
Spotify – Beat of a Billion
Spotify is about music and at the time of its launch the challenge was to showcase the brand’s ability to understand the diverse music tastes of a billion Indians. In the ‘Beat of a Billion’, the beat forms the base of Spotify’s launch track in India. This beat was identified with the help of data derived from India’s listening habits. One beat, loved by 1.3 billion Indians that came from music across 22 languages, more than 20 genres and multiple cultures.
Spotify – Outdoor Data
Life in India comes with chaos. With over 3 billion playlists available at the touch of a button, Spotify was in a position to help Indians navigate this chaos. We scanned our target cities and realized that a significant percentage of their daily struggles are concentrated to specific high-footprint areas or streets. Using geo-targeted social media listening, we kept an eye on the trending topics our potential subscribers had spoken about in the past year in co-relation to these spots. Sentiment analysis of this data helped us categorize a single mood for every location based on which we developed hyper-contextual outdoor hoardings. Each hoarding featured a curated playlist that would provide some relief against the chaos.
While India is progressing, an old stereotype about women still prevails - they are bad at driving. The most common misconception is that women are bad at reversing. CarDekho, India’s leading car portal, wanted to challenge this misconception and so we got women drivers to reverse park with precision and in perfect synchrony. We partnered with celebrated musician Sneha Khanwalkar, to create audio loops. This was followed by reverse beepers of cars being reprogrammed to play these loops when the cars reversed. Our female drivers then reversed in sync and created music. Everything was recorded live and a track was created. The music video went live on Women’s Day, garnering over 8 million views across social media.
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