Campaign India Team
Jan 16, 2014

Campaign for Dignity calls for entries

Inviting print work that can move people into treating the elderly with dignity; top 50 will make it to a book

Campaign for Dignity calls for entries

Campaign India and Dignity Foundation (a not-for-profit organisation committed to changing the way people look at ageing in our country) have jointly unveiled a print ad contest, titled 'Campaign For Dignity'. Entries for the same are currently being received at:

'Campaign For Dignity' is a social project aimed at creating a bank of campaign-able ideas that can break the apathy of the average citizen towards problems faced by the aged. 

In step one of the project, a print ad contest has been rolled out to excite young creative teams from across the country into craft campaigns with the power to move people into treating the elderly with dignity. 

The contest is open for entries from 15 January 2014. The last date for submission of entries is 31 January 2014. Any number of teams can submit any number of entries from any ad agency. The only rule is at least one member of the creative team needs to be under 30.

Judging for 'Campaign For Dignity' will be done by an eminent jury of creative people drawn from leading ad agencies, on 8 February 2014.

The Top 50 print campaigns will be published in a limited edition book. Dignity Awards will be issued to the Best Campaign, Best Creative Team, Best Copywriter and Best Art Director.

 More details are at:

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