Blog: The Wonder Women of Cannes Lions SeeItBeIt.

The two CCOs at Ogilvy India (West) played mentors at the Cannes SeeItBeIt initiative. Here is their experience and their belief.

Jun 22, 2018 11:42:00 AM | Article | Kainaz Karmakar

What is SeeItBeIt?
An intensive, mind-opening program, designed to propel women to be everything they want to be.
Why were two folks who were clearly not ‘young women’ doing at this program?
We were invited as mentors but we returned as wide-eyed students of life.
And this is where the story begins.
The two of us reached the beautiful penthouse venue on time, eager to impart our wisdom to the blossoming minds. Each of us spoke with 3 young professionals, 25 minutes at a time, after coffee and breakfast. We are not very useful on an empty stomach.
On the walk back to Palais, under the harsh Croisette sun, we couldn’t stop talking about what a powerhouse each of those girls are. A day later, as we type this on our iPad, in our well-appointed hotel room, here is what the girls taught us.
  1. Bravery is not the lack of fear. Bravery is when you’re afraid to do something but you do it anyway. 
  2. Your craft does not care about the colour of your skin. There were so many ethnicities and so much talent under one roof.
  3. Taking on responsibilities is easier than asking for your rights. These girls were raring to change that.
  4. You are never too young to know exactly what you want to do. Their questions had the kind of clarity that made us admire them, before we answered them.
  5. Struggle can tire you, test you, but it can’t stop you.

Not too many years away, the SeeItBeIt girls will be seen on the festival stage. This is not our prediction. This is our belief.