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Dec 14, 2020

Battle of the Brands: Baskin Robbins vs Kwality Walls

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Battle of the Brands: Baskin Robbins vs Kwality Walls
India is a nation of dessert lovers. On any occasion, you’ll see people exchanging sweets or cake. On a summer’s day, people will flock to the ice cream carts on the streets and even in winter, we have our 'gajar ka halwa' and all sorts of warm desserts to keep the cold at bay. An evergreen dessert though is ice cream – come hail, storm or snow, we Indians are undaunted when it comes to ice cream. So we decided to compare two of India’s most loved ice cream brands today Baskin Robbins and Kwality Walls.
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In terms of mentions over the last 6 months, we can see that Baskin Robbins is ahead of the game. This is mainly because they’ve put their American marketing dollars to great use by collaborating with KPop band, BTS. Their peak corresponds to the period at the end of July – early August, where they launched a new flavour of ice cream – Bora Bora – in an exclusive partnership with BTS. News of this ice cream wasn’t just huge in Korea, it made waves everywhere, including in India as we can see. Kwality Walls. Most of the content for Baskin Robbins comes from BTS fans, which is why there is a huge difference between the two. For Kwality Walls on the other hand, mentions have been more or less steady throughout.
Who’s talking about ice cream? For Baskin Robbins, it turns out that Gen Z and women are the main audience – again this is unsurprising since this is the target demographic for BTS. For Kwality Walls, mentions come mainly from Gen Y and from the male demographic.
Visual Insights
What kind of content is being produced in relation to both brands? For Baskin Robbins as well as Kwality Walls, it seems that images are the main form of content, followed by video. In terms of indoor/outdoor split however, there is a difference. While for Baskin Robbins, most of the content is indoors, for Kwality Walls, the majority of the content is outdoors.
Media types
How many people are talking about the brands and where is the conversation taking place? Let’s find out. Baskin Robbins seems to have a lot of different people talking about it – however, it’s important not to forget the context, a lot of this is from the BTS fans. With regard to where is the conversation happening, the answer is simple :Twitter.
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