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Dec 26, 2014

ASCI launches 'Swachh Ads Abhiyan', an initiative to combat misleading advertisements

The initiative was launched on 'National Consumers Day', which was on 24 December

ASCI launches 'Swachh Ads Abhiyan', an initiative to combat misleading advertisements
Observing the National Consumer’s day on 24 December, ASCI's (Advertising Standards Council of India) launched an initiative called Swachh Ads Abhiyan. The purpose of this campaign is to combat misleading advertisements. 
The initiative is spread across social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. 
Narendra Ambwani, chairman, ASCI, said,, “‘Swachh Ads Abhiyan’ is yet another initiative by ASCI to combat the issue of misleading advertisements and create awareness for the consumers on National Consumers Day. It’s really important that the consumers don’t blindly believe in advertisements and understand unethical and misleading claims. ASCI engaged with consumers through social media activities on twitter, facebook Linkedin and YouTube which have massively driven consumer attention towards the campaign. We hope this initiative from ASCI will empower and are encouraging consumers to make the right decisions.” 
Sucheta Dalal - ASCI’s Consumer Complaints Council Member, added, “As a member of the consumer complaints committee (CCC) I have seen the big leap in ASCI’s effort to track misleading advertisements across different media and languages on a nationwide basis. ASCI has also made it easy to file and track complaints online or engage with it through social media. All we need now is better consumer awareness and action by concerned citizens to keep ASCI on its toes by filing complaints and making themselves heard on the evolving issue of misleading advertisements”.
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