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Apr 14, 2015

ASCI launches e-learning program to promote self-regulation

The program is to be completed within a period of six months

ASCI launches e-learning program to promote self-regulation
The Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI), in a bid to promote ‘self-regulation’ and ‘self-discipline among creators of advertising’, has launched an E-Learning portal, an online training program for advertisers and communication professionals. It is being offered at a ‘nominal price’, informed an official statement. ASCI had announced the portal at the recently conducted ‘Creativity, For Goodness’ Sake’ event. 
The program offers access to all members, non-members, students and other interested individuals. ASCI is also offering special discounts to educational institutes.
Narendra Ambwani, chairman, ASCI, said,  “We at ASCI are happy to launch this e-learning program, which has culminated as a result of hard work put in by our team over several months. It is a proactive approach that would enable the creators of advertising to get their advertisements ‘right the first time’. There is a direct and tangible business benefit associated with it, as a trained individual would be able to avoid costly reworks of modifying or pulling down of advertisement by adhering to simple do’s and don’ts set out in the code.”  
The e-Learning course is divided into several modules, which the users can complete within a six month window. The modules are as follows:
Introduction to ASCI (1 module)- advertising self-regulation and ASCI
ASCI advertising codes (4 modules)- truthful and honest representation, non-offensive to public, against harmful products/situations and Fair in competition
ASCI category guidelines (4 modules)- brand extension, food and beverages, educational institutions and automotive vehicles
ASCI processes (4 modules)- supers, complaints registrations and monitoring, complaint processing and ASCI membership
Users will be awarded with a certificate on successfully completing the course. 
Vishwas Govindarajan, director, advertising operations, Yahoo India was the first industry professional who enrolled for the e-learning program and bagged the ASCI e-learning certificate. 
Govindarajan commented, “This is the era of digital technology where advertising bombards every available space. In such an extremely versatile and dynamic medium, self-regulation plays a vital role. If the ad content falls below the regulatory standard set for advertising, it may result in irreparable damage, both to the brand and the company. ASCI e-learning program is a ‘must have’ tool for every advertising professional.”
Find the portal here.
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