Allen Solly crowd-sources OOH launch with ‘Tweeple-powered’ billboard

Watch the video of the campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Bengaluru

Dec 26, 2012 02:54:00 PM | Article | Shephali Bhatt

On 27 October 2012, Allen Solly engaged consumers with a ‘phygital’ (physical plus digital) campaign for its newly launched ‘Hot Fridays’ collection. The 'Tweeple powered collection launch’ was handled by Ogilvy& Mather Bengaluru, outside Garuda Mall.

The agency invited Allen Solly's Facebook fans to what it billed as ‘India’s first Tweeple-powered billboard’. The billboard outside the mall had on it 52 shirts from the Autumn-Winter '12 line. Behind each shirt was a coil wired to a computer. Consumers tweeting with hashtags announced at the event got to win a shirt punched out from the billboard. It was literally ‘raining Solly’, through the crowd-sourced outdoor-digital launch.

The action was streamed live on Allen Solly's website and its Facebook page. It garnered over one million impressions and managed to trend on Twitter.

Watch the video capturing moments from the launch here:

Joono Simon, executive creative director, Ogilvy Bengaluru, said, "For us the task was to create a platform that would bridge the gaps between physical advertising and digital advertising in a fun way. Brands keep indulging in outdoor activities but we wanted it to have a digital extension. That's because the mobile internet penetration is increasing in the country and if you are talking to the target group of Allen Solly, you better make sure you're relevant in that medium."


Client: Madura Garments - Sooraj Bhat (branch head)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Bengaluru
Creative team: Joono Simon, SV Ramanan, N Ajesh, Tara Dsouza, Aneesh Kumar, Sushmitha Sankar
Account management: Deepika Tiwari, Richa Sarma
Account planning: Sreenesh Bhat