Adtech 2012: "Localising your digital assets is really important": Miten Sampat, Neustar

Neustar IP Intelligence's Miten Sampat talks about the importance of targeting communication based on users location

Adtech 2012:

First day of Adtech 2012 featured several sessions under the 'Master Class - Search and Social' banner. The class titled 'Evolution of PPC and technologies deployed in PPC', had Ronny Ruchaira, practice head of paid search, Communicate 2 and Miten Sampat, vice president - product strategy, Neustar IP Intelligence sharing insights about the emerging technologies in paid search. While Ruchaira focused his presentation on the emerging technologies and the need for automation in the process, Sampat highlighted the importance of geographich location of users while reaching out to them.

Sharing case studies featuring PPC automation, Ruchaira said, "It is not a sci-fi movie. We have several automation tools in place. Having worked in large markets, I have seen the benefits for advertisers. I think Indian marketers will also benefit with the process in the coming years." During his presentation he touched upon tools for bid optimisation, advanced reporting methodologies and keyword less campaigns. 

Starting with the question, 'What can "where" do for you?', Sampat explained the relevance of geographic location while managing your paid search. Talking about the benefit of displaying a geographically relevant ad to a user will yield in better results, he added, "We need to take location more seriously. Moreover, 80% of purchases by a person are made within a 14 minute drive from their homes." Noting that the geographic location of a user is a very important part of who they are, he stressed on the importance of localising one's digital assets.

(The story was updated to change the name of Quova to Neustar IP Intelligence following the company's name change in January.)

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