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Sep 07, 2009

Adland Rockstars: SK Gousuddin

This week Adland Rockstar is: SK Gousuddin, art supervisor, Bates141, Kolkata  Why did you get into advertising?

Adland Rockstars: SK Gousuddin
This week Adland Rockstar is: SK Gousuddin, art supervisor, Bates141, Kolkata
Why did you get into advertising?
Simple. I was cut out for it. The wackiness, the knack of getting out the weirdest from the strangest of things, the occasionally overwhelming insanity and the fact that an entire industry depended on such a small and simple entity called ‘the idea’ excited the curious genes within me. While all this killed the cat, it landed me into an ad agency.

That apart, only a chosen few can bet their Gods on why they actually walked into advertising.

What is it that you like best about your job?
That it is hardly a job. And what seems worst to you might be the best thing happening to me. Plus, you get to do everything a gangster, a crook, a hoodlum, a fugitive, an insane could dream of doing and get paid for doing so. In a nutshell, it makes a rockstar out of a nobody.

If you were stuck in a desert island, what is the one thing that you would like to have with you?
Ideally, I would never be ‘stuck’ on an island. I could run a creative agency any place in this world and outside where I can take my brain and my heart to.  The one thing that’s definitely coming with me would be my wings that can fly me back to this island on weekends.

Which is the one book that you can re-read any number of times?
Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg, Hand Job by Mike Perry. Not necessarily in that order. The first one’s free, the second costs a little more. Worth it, though.

Who is the one person in advertising that you would like to have dinner with?
Alyque Padamsee. If not for anything else, just to know the secret of how he manages everything in advertising so easily. And by everything, I mean both, brands and the beauties, that come along with it. You surely gotta learn a lot of stuff from the man. Besides advertising.

Who is the one person outside of advertising that you would like to have dinner with?
My mom. I hardly get time and opportunity to dine with her, given the ever increasing number of other ladies in my (professional) life who fight over taking me out to dinner every other day.




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