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Jul 14, 2023

34% Indians believe tech is ruining their lives: Ipsos report

The report highlighted the growing digital fatigue, leading to an increased interest in nostalgia and a willingness to spend on brands rooted in authenticity

34% Indians believe tech is ruining their lives: Ipsos report

Ipsos India rolled out its 'Brand Success Framework' and Global Trends 2023 report on 14 July in Mumbai.


The survey shed light on the growing digital fatigue among Indians consumers, signalling brands to have a simpler and more authentic approach when it comes to marketing. 


The focus group for the Indian market comprised both online and offline samples, with 2,000 respondents. 


The Indian classification revealed a different narrative compared to the global trends. The focus for the Indian market was on reset and recovery rather than the concept of poly-crisis.


The report’s findings were classified into two cohorts: the urban masses (UMs) and digital Indians (DIs). Each group was analysed separately for the survey. 


The study revealed that Indian consumers are facing digital fatigue, leading to an increased interest in nostalgia and a willingness to spend on brands rooted in authenticity was the focal point of the study. 


Furthermore, the survey indicated that digital toxicity has resulted in greater tolerance towards issues such as LGBTQ+ rights among both the cohorts UMs and DIs. However, the UMs also exhibited a tendency to revert to more traditional gender roles.


Ipsos aims to help brands understand these shifting consumer sentiments and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. 



Highlights from the report: 


  • 59% of the UMs expressed a strong desire to catch up, with career focus being a significant concern after the pandemic. 


  • 55% of the UMs perceived technology as an enabler for a positive impact of globalisation, although some acknowledged the inevitable loss of data privacy. 


  • The survey also revealed a liberal and individualistic expression within society with 67% of UMs supporting the freedom of LGBTQIA+ individuals. 


  • 45% of digital Indians wish their life was more simple and 37% wish they could slowdown the pace of their life. 


  • 34% said technological progress is destroying lives, making tech look like a villain. 


  • 67% UMs and 47% digital Indians DIs stated that they need to look after themselves physically. Whereas, 56% UMs and 42% DIs want to prioritise their mental health. 


Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India, said, "In dynamic times brands have to constantly innovate, to resonate with consumers. Our Brand Success Framework and Ipsos Global Trends 2023 provide new thinking, helping brands pump back these learnings and frameworks for informed, smarter decision making, shaping brand success and applying those frameworks into strategy, aligned with the three pillars of expectations, context and empathy.”


Jyoti Malladi, managing director, research, Ipsos India, said, "Ipsos’ vision to building great brands is underpinned by three keys to unlock brand success: shaping expectations, integrating context, and acting with empathy. This new approach empowers marketers to drive brand success by shaping people’s expectations, empathising with people, and understanding the role brands play in their lives." 


Archana Gupta, country service line leader, market strategy and understanding (MSU), Ipsos India, said, "Brands must understand the macro and micro context people live in, and act with empathy so that only their brand can meet these expectations. At Ipsos, we help you understand the role your brand could play in people’s lives. We uncover their unique contexts and what is important in their lives."

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