24 hours with…Mansi Datta at Ad:Tech 2023

The chief client officer, office head - North and East, Wavemaker India, takes us through what her day at Ad:Tech looked like

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Ever wondered what an ideal day in the life of someone from advertising/marketing/media is? We're here to spill the beans on it in Campaign India's '24 hours with', feature which runs every Tuesday. 
As our team is at Ad:Tech, we reached out to Mansi Dutta, who was present on day two of the summit, to share what her day looked like. 
Job: chief client officer, office head - North and East, Wavemaker India
Professional and personal mantra: “If you can meet success and failure and treat them both as impostors, then you are a balanced person.” – Rudyard Kipling
7 am: Wake up to the ring of yoga teacher. (I have decided if the pyasa can’t go to the well, then let the well come to the pyasa). Do yoga for an hour. It revs me up for the day.
9:30 am: Finishing off packing off the maids and looking after Chini, my fur baby’s food and grooming needs.
10am: Commute to Ad:Tech and 60 mins of playing catch up on office chores in the Uber. 
11 am: Caught up with industry fellow mates at Ad:Tech and exchanged notes on which sessions they’re gunning for. ONDC and ChatGPT were the favourite buzzwords.
11:30 am: Google’s session on future of omnichannel: while only 30pc of businesses are offering an omnichannel experience and 60pc+ Consumers expect a seamless hybrid experience, the gap needs be minimised. Businesses need to think about more phygital convergence.
12 noon: Spotify’s session -Now is the inflexion point for digital audio with Lee Brown. Interestingly, India is one of the few countries wherein people consume music in 2-3 languages. (multiple Indian languages plus some foreign too like Korean). There is huge demand for music…not just offers discoverability but deep engagement too.
12: 45 pm: Planing for the future - Emergence of addressable TV...Here we learnt that the emergence of CTV has now scaled to 25 million Indian households. GroupM's Finecast solution taht is spread over multiple countries offers addressable TV options down to a pincode level, is another takeaway from the session. 
1:30 pm: A quick round up of the expo’s at Ad:tech.
2pm: Lunch at the speakers lounge at Adtech along with fellow panellists. Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos, Pallavi  (head - digital and customer services), Vida and Richa Khera, global marketing director, Schneider.
3:30 pm: Moderating the panel on How Human Values drive trends. 
4:30pm: Keynote session on ChatGPT by Jaspreet Bindra, the tech whisperer. We learnt how Chat GPT in comparison to previous versions of GPT is more truthful and smarter but it can still get into a tricky zone. Case in point if the question asked is who was the first female president of US, then Chat GPT has the tendency to answer not to think about racial\gender biases and to focus on an equitable society.
5:30pm: Social time with the funniest influencer doing the rounds- Shraddha Jain– had us in splits. Especially when she drew out differences between C-Suite\middle management and entry level people in corporates.
6:30 pm: Ubering back to home with work underway on two flyovers ensuring that I reached home by 8:30pm
8:30pm: A scolding by my fur baby for coming home late. A treat given as a bribe to calm her down. Rema’s calm down soothes her down.
9:30pm: Dinner


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