24 hours with… Nitin Mantri

The group CEO at AvianWE takes us through what a day in his life looks like

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Ever wondered what an ideal day in the life of someone from advertising/marketing/media is? We're here to spill the beans on it in Campaign India's '24 hours with', feature which runs every Tuesday, 
Name: Nitin Mantri
Job: Group CEO, AvianWE
Professional mantra: Focus on your people, the rest will follow.
Personal mantra: One day at a time.

6:00am: No matter when I go to bed, I am an early riser as I like to pack in a lot of activities before work officially begins.


6:30am: I work out four or five days a week, alternating between walk/swim/yoga. This daily fitness regime helps me unclutter my mind and lead with energy.
8:00am: Read the news – at least five or six newspapers over a cup of Green tea.
8:30am: Breakfast is synonymous with eggs for me, unless it’s Sunday when I may have something more elaborate. So, it’s different egg preparations for me, along with some nuts and fruit, and then I am ready to seize the day.
9:00am to 1pm: Workday commences with the usual reading emails followed by a review with my team at the agency to determine my priorities for the day.
Prepare for any client-meetings scheduled for the day.
Check and review any work-related presentation for the day and share related inputs with my team.
Take updates from HR and finance. I try to solve at least a couple of specific issues every day.
1pm: Lunch – usually from home (simple, protein-rich food is what I like) unless there is a lunch meeting.
2pm: Catch up with clients and partners over multiple calls (explains my hoarse voice these days). And then look at industry-related stuff for ICCO/PRCA/AvianWE.
4pm: Close presentations for new businesses/client reviews.
6:30pm: I leave office for home. I finish all my work calls in the car so that I can unplug and do something meaningful with my family and personal time.
7pm: Unwind at home with the family.
8pm: Have a light dinner with my family, share the highlights of our day.
10-11:30 pm: Watch a show for a short while and then when everyone goes to sleep, I enjoy taking some time to be in complete silence, letting my thoughts flow freely and truly listen to what they are trying to tell me. I have had many eureka moments when I am in this relaxed state.
Catch up on my reading. This is non-negotiable.
11:30pm: Lights out! Before dozing off, I quickly make a mental note of at least three things that made me feel grateful that day.


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