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Oct 07, 2010

24 Hours With...Natashaa Selim of Red Ice

Natashaa Selim is Marketing Producer, Red Ice Productions

24 Hours With...Natashaa Selim of Red Ice

Name Natashaa Selim


Job Marketing Producer, Red Ice Productions


Professional mission To consistently identify and nurture new talent and opportunities


Personal Mantra Work should only be your life if you totally love what you do


06:57 Cell phone rings before the alarm. My trainer. #@@#. Forgot while playing poker till the wee hours last night!! OK Diwali.


07:00 Cell phone rings. Again. Threatens to kick my butt if i don't get up and start working off the beer!! ok Hemal.


07:15 Kicking & Boxing. Going to get Fighting Fit. Catch up on the latest in my BFFs life via my trainer, coz too busy to communicate directly. Gosh, she was travelling week before last, she came back- I left for Delhi, I return and she leaves for Goa (again). To have a factory in Goa. Sigh. OK Priya.


08:30 Showered. Refreshed. Hungry- decided to reward my work-out by eating Oreo Cheesecake for breakfast. Thank you (not) Baker Street's Bake Sake fundraiser for street Dogs for placing such delightful temptation in my refrigerator. OK (yes) Anuradha.


08:45 Cell phone rings. Agency. Expecting the estimate. Sent it, Bounced back, sent again. Is this really only Monday morning? 15 min phone conversation. Am dizzy. OK Shraddha.


09:00 Lay down on the settee, getting my bearings. Contemplating the day ahead. Drift off.


10:07 Cell phone rings. International European car director confirming luncheon brainstorming session with agency which just won major car account. OK Christian.


10:32 Cell phone rings. My Boss. Natashaa you are 2 minutes late. Apparently 10 minutes grace time doesn't apply to me. OK Gray.


10:35 Coffee- Bliss. Inbox-Nightmare 


12:36 Cleared inbox, called the world-set up meetings for the week. Time for The Lunch. OK Agency.


17:00 God Bless the inventor of white wine sangria. Awesome insights into automobile filming.


18:00 Head to Madh Island to attend our latest star studded shoot, and consort with the creative brains on set. Carry on to get buzzed with the servicing brains. OK Ayan.


23:00 Leaving my colleagues to shoot all night, i returned to office. Attend calls to Director in the USA of A. Hate time zones. Losing the race against Inbox. OK BB...(nah refuse!)


--:-- drift, wake, sleep, wake, one ear open. Love the Buzz, Love my job, Love my life. OK Red Ice.

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