Visa looks to spread goodness and education with #KindnessIsCashless

Watch the ad film conceptualised by BBDO India here

Feb 28, 2017 06:30:00 PM | Video | Campaign India Team

Visa India has rolled out a film that's aimed at the 'cashless' generation of India. The film has been conceptualised by BBDO India.
It opens with a teacher walking from the staff room to a class. En route he remembers an age old saying, 'when a good teacher imparts the most precious life lessons, they are remembered throughout one's life'. The scene shifts to the class. Every morning the teacher thinks to himself that he'll teach his students more than just literature. The students look disinterested in his talks though, and one of them even puts his earphones on. The teacher looks on, but doesn't say anything to the student and thinks to himself that he has failed in his endevaour to teach them. 
The scene shifts to a 'Coffee House'. The teacher makes a payment using a Rs. 500 note, but the cashier wants him to pay exact change. As the man is counting his coins, he sees his students go past him. Among the group of students is the boy who puts his earphones on earlier in the film. They look oblivious to their teacher being there and pass by. The man then struggles for change at a fuel pump. There too, the same group of students walk by, but don't notice their teacher in need of change. 
As the teacher sits in the library reading a book, he thinks to himself, that he's tried teaching the children so much, but his students haven't picked up what he's trying to explain. This leads him to have doubts about himself.
Those doubts are put to an end as the teacher is standing in a queue. It's a line outside an ATM. He informs someone on the phone to eat dinner and not wait for him since this could take time. The same group of students walk by. This time the child who would always put his earphones on in class, notices his teacher and stops. He instructs his friends to go ahead and walks towards his teacher. He tells his teacher that he's noticed that he's been hassled over the last few days, with respect to cash and change. He asks him to go cashless instead and offers to teach him. 
The two are then shown in a shop. The boy is taking him through the process of using a debit card at the shop. The teacher finishes the transaction and the student asks him whether he'll remember this process. The teacher repeats the line from the start of the film - 'When a good teacher imparts the most precious life lessons, they are remembered throughout one's life'. 
The film ends with the duo walking out of the shop and Visa's message, 'Reach out and teach someone how to go cashless. #KindnessIsCashless'.
The film was published on YouTube on 23 February 2017 and has garnered more than 79 lakh views so far.