Tanishq weaves an emotional sibling bond, for affordable range

Watch the ad film created by Lowe Lintas and Partners

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Jewellery brand Tanishq has released a TVC to highlight its latest range that starts at Rs 5000. The ad film created by Lowe Lintas and Partners went on air in mid-April.

The film revolves around a conversation between a girl who is about to get married and her younger brother. He comes into her room and hands her a small box - his gift for her wedding. Taken aback, she comments that he has become emotional before her wedding. Instead of admitting to the same, he appears nonchalant and says that he is happy as he will now get to occupy her room - and hence the gift, he reasons. She is surprised to see beautiful earrings in the box. She expresses concern that he has spent his entire salary on the gift. The brother gets emotional as she prods him more. He finally lets his guard down and is speechless. Realising the fact that her brother has begun to miss her, she goes on to tease him. The voice over explains, “Kabhi kabhi pyaar dikhane ke liya jyaada kuch nahi lagta. Tanishq ab sirf paanch hazaar se shuru.”

On the creative brief, Arun Iyer, national creative director, Lowe Lintas and Partners, said, “The brief was clear that Tanishq wanted to highlight the range of jewellery starting from Rs 5000. We wanted to communicate this, but at the same time we did not want to harp much on the price. The intent was to do it in a manner that would emotionally connect with people instead of being transactional.”

On the film, Iyer said, “We thought it would be interesting to present the brother-sister relationship especially when it comes to a stage where they love each other but are embarrassed to show it. The love is implied rather than being in your face. And this becomes even more obvious when the sister is getting married. This moment is a highly emotional moment for the entire household, especially for the parents. Even the brother feels it but he holds himself back. So for the TVC we pitched in the younger brother who is a first jobber who wants to gift his sister on her marriage but doesn’t want to show his emotional side. We have tried to capture the intent behind his gift.”    

On the objective of the communication, Deepika Tiwary, head-marketing, Tanishq, said, “Tanishq is at the forefront of furthering the emotional connect that Indians have with jewellery. Having established ourselves as a desired brand loved for its quality and range, with the new ‘Accessible Tanishq’ campaign, we now aim to reach our consumers and be part of the celebrations of their life.”

“With the range starting at Rs 5000, the ‘Accessible Tanishq’ TV campaign brings to the consumers an opportunity to own and gift Tanishq, which is now lighter on the pocket. The TVC focuses on a beautiful relationship between siblings. The beauty of the relationship is shown when the younger brother gifts Tanishq from his own salary, making it very special jewellery for a very special sister,” she added.

Client: Tanishq
Creative agency: Lowe Lintas & Partners
National creative director: Arun Iyer
Branch creative director :  Rajesh Ramaswamy
Creative team: Ujjwal Kabra, Indrasish Mukherjee, Adarsh Atal, Prasad Baggi.
Business: Sudhir Rajasekharan, Pritish Wesley, Manjusha Dhavan, Aditi Prabhakar.
Planning: Vikram Satyanath.
Production:  Curious Films, Mumbai.
Director: Vivek Kakkad


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