Campaign India Team
Jan 02, 2017

Samsung Z2 promises to keep loved ones even closer, with Jio

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Cheil here

Samsung has rolled out a film for its Z2 smart phone that has been conceptualised by Cheil India. 
It opens with a lady doctor giving instructions on the phone as she is hurriedly packing her bag and leaving. She gives her son a goodbye kiss and rushes out. The son looks on, saddened by the fact that he won't be able to spend time with her. The father, walks in and spots this. He takes to his smart phone and uses Jio Cinema, as the duo watch a film together. The boy's mood is lifted, as he uses the phone through the day to play games and listen to music. As the day comes to an end and the boy is ready to sleep, he murmurs that he wants his mother. The father calls his wife using his smart phone. The mother sings a lullaby for the boy on the phone. The film ends with the voice over introducing the Samsung Z2, as an enabler to keep loved ones even closer. 
The film was published on YouTube on 28 December 2016.
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