Campaign India Team
Nov 08, 2016

Revamped Skoda Rapid scripts 'irresistibly attractive' premise, lures marathoners away from finish line

Watch the ad film conceptualised by Publicis here

Skoda recently rolled out a revamped version of its sedan Rapid. Announcing the launch is a film conceptualised by Publicis.
The film opens at a 'National Annual Marathon'. The runners are distracted by something and look at in awe. It's the new Skoda Rapid driving past them with a couple in it. Set to a groovy tune, the film shows the participants put in extra effort to follow the car. They break the marathon route as they seek short cuts to get a glimpse. As the car crosses a bridge, a group even take a boat to get close to the Rapid. When it veers off the marathon route, the runners follow the car, instead of going through to the finish line. A 'You can't get enough of it' super and the four-year-service message plat our on screen, before an elderly lady crosses the finish line, alone. 
A 60-second digital version was published on YouTube on 6 November 2016. A shorter edit will air on television.
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