Reliance Digital celebrates relationships built during the pandemic

Watch the film conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs here

Nov 01, 2021 04:39:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Reliance Digital has rolled out a campaign aimed to bring awareness about its electronic stores ahead of Diwali. Conceptualised by 21N78E Creative Labs, the film captures different relationships that helped people get through an anxiety-driven pandemic year.   


The film titled #RishtonKiBoli showcases relationships that were built as a result of the lockdown due to Covid and how they have now become a chosen family. It features different biological and chosen families and how they are celebrating this Diwali by rekindling the lost hope as the world begins to come back to a state of normalcy. 


Brian Bade, chief executive, Reliance Digital, said, “In recent times all of us have discovered the true meaning of happiness lies in standing up for each other. In 2019 we spoke about creating #AsliConnection (real connection) by switching off devices that came in the way of spending quality time with loved ones. In 2020, given the circumstances, we spoke about hope that kept us all going with #UmeedKaJashn (celebration of hope). This year, when the world has started turning a corner, we felt it was important to celebrate the enduring value of relationships- some timeless and some newly forged, with #RishtonKiBoli.” 


Sudhir Nair, founder and CEO, 21N78E Creative Labs, added, “The last two years have not been easy on many of us, and it has been a steep learning curve. I personally believe that circumstances have probably made us more human, and we are willing to stretch ourselves for the better good. There are many things in life that we took for granted and when we didn’t have access to those emotions or were deprived of them, it has made us realise what life is all about. We have tried to bring out those aspects through this film. We hope it will resonate with the audience."


Navin Kansal, chief creative officer, 21N78E Creative Labs, shared, “In many ways, this is the first Diwali in two years where there will be the familiar joy of physically meeting loved ones’ while being far more accommodating now of each other’s quirks, idiosyncrasies and beliefs. The film celebrates these in the context of the dynamics that have come to define relationships- unique in themselves and yet universal enough, which we feel the audiences will identify with."