Policybazaar urges people to compare before you buy insurance

Watch the TVC created by Metal Communications

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Policybazaar has launched a new television campaign to promote its offering of comparing insurance schemes. The campaign, created by Metal Communications, went on-air on 29 November principally in Hindi speaking market and will have a regional market roll out soon.  

The TVC starts with a man working in his office, as a reminder to renew car insurance pops up on his computer screen. As soon as he begins to dial a number, he hears his nick name being called out. To his surprise, he sees his mother seated behind him. Rebuking him, she points out that he is wasting money again. When he tries to justify that he was only renewing his car insurance, she questions whether he is doing without comparing the policies on offer, to which he nods in the affirmative. His mother then looks around and asks all his colleagues whether they too buy insurance without comparing? She then informs them of Policybazaar.com where they can save money as they can compare the policies offered by different insurance companies. The film ends with the guy informing his mother that he saved Rs. 7,000, and she remarks, “you are welcome.”

On the campaign, Narayan Kumar, creative chief, Metal communications, said, “We had to communicate comparison based insurance purchase through the internet. All of us know the benefits of both - buying through comparison and buying through the internet. The breakthrough idea was to connect the two simply. Our 'ma' character does that beautifully and engagingly.”

On the creative brief from the client, Ambarish Ray, vice president, Metal communications said, “At a broad strategic level, the whole point was to shift the consumer to comparison based financial products and specifically insurance and car insurance policies using the internet as a mean. And the context was Policybazaar is one of the first movers in this field and today while there are two or three players, Policybazaar is considered the category leader in the online comparison based financial products.”

On the development of the creative brief, Siddharth Prasad, vice president, creative, metal communications, explained, “We developed the idea from the concept that as individuals we tend to compare. Making comparisons is a process that comes very naturally to us in all spheres of life. But when it comes to insurance, people don’t seem to be making comparisons even though they do it everywhere else. Hence, came this voice of common sense represented by the mother. She asks her son why he is acting like an idiot. She goes on to ask his colleagues if they too were buying insurance without comparing.”

Going forward, the campaign will include outdoor and digital mediums.


Client: Policybazaar.com
Brand team: Akshay Mehrotra, Anuj Bhagia
Agency: Metal Communications
Creative chief: Narayan Kumar
VP, Creative: Siddharth Prasad
Business handling: Ambarish Ray
Production House: Soda Films
Director: Jayant Rohatgi


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