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Jun 02, 2011

In conversation with Sir John Hegarty and Raj Kamble

The duo talk about their plans for BBH in India

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June 1, 2011 was Raj Kamble's first day at his new job as managing partner at BBH India. Campaign India had caught up with Kamble and Sir John Hegarty, worldwide creative director for BBH, in April at the time of the announcement of his appointment, and asked them about the decision, and their plans for BBH.

In the first video above, Hegarty says, "When I met Raj way back, the thing that impressed me was obviously his work because that to us is everything. But what really impressed me also apart from his enthusiasm was that Raj crosses borders. Borders of attitude, class, beliefs, physical as well as mental borders. I think the world has been made by people like that because they are the ones who went out to do something different. And in a way that's what the Black Sheep represents - doing something different and not following the crowd." On his mandate, Kamble says, "I don't believe in ads that look like ads. BBH has never made ads, but statements, and they've built brands." 

WATCH Hegarty talk about the importance of having talent who've worked across borders



WATCH Hegarty comment on how BBH India's journey has been so far, and what would make him happy 5 years from now regarding the agency



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