Frooti ropes in Shahrukh Khan; underlines 'fresh and juicy' drink's 'drool' quotient

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Parle Agro has got on board Shahrukh Khan to be the face of Frooti. A new television campaign has been created by Creativeland Asia for the mango drink brand. It is expected to air this week.

The film is set in a football field during a practice session, when the players are resting. It shows Shahrukh Khan gulping Frooti, not noticing the bunch of little players watching him, yearning for the mango drink. The little kids drool uncontrollably and their thirst for the bottle of Frooti seems unabashed. When Khan is done with his Frooti and looks around, he is taken aback to see the players (grown ups) staring at him, yearning for the drink and drooling much like the kids shown earlier. He says ‘What?’ and breaks them out of the spell. The embarrassed players smile sheepishly and get back to what they were doing. In the background two little players who saw the whole episode break into laughter.

Nadia Chauhan Kurup, managing director and chief marketing officer, Parle Agro, explained, “Fresh ‘n’ Juicy is an integral proposition to brand Frooti. This year we decided to take it to a level higher and treated it as the essence of our new campaign positioning. And in this way, the Magic of Fresh ‘n’ Juicy Mangoes was created.”

“For the first time in the history of Frooti, we have associated a celebrity as large as Shahrukh Khan to endorse the brand. We believe that merging with brand King Khan, will further enhance magic of the brand and fuel our growth plans,” she added.

On the campaign unveiled for Frooti, Sajan Raj Kurup, founder and creative chairman, Creativeland Asia, said, “This year one of the key aims was to capture the feel of relishing a bottle of Mango Frooti and up the appetite quotient. I am particularly glad to have been able to do it notably and still retain the quirk and edge that we have consistently aimed at with Mango Frooti communication. I have personally enjoyed the challenge of bringing it alive.”

The film is backed by a marketing plan which includes outdoor, BTL, mall activation, visibility at retail outlets and digital presence. Social media will be the focus of the communication plan, with activities on Twitter and Facebook underway for the brand.


Client: Parle Agro

Brand: Frooti

Agency: Creativeland Asia

Director: Prakash Varma

Production House: Nirvana Films


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