Domino’s takes whacky route to drive home new combinations

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Contract Advertising

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Domino’s has launched a three-film campaign to promote its ‘refreshed menu’ that includes 10 new items. The ad films conceptualised by Contract Advertising went on air in end-June. Each of the films is themed on the name of one of the new pizzas.
A couple performing the Tango open this film (above). It is revealed that there are three couples perched one on top of the other, implying a ‘triple tango’. One of the lady dancers bites into a red chilli, and the voice over adds, ‘This is spicy triple tango’. While this combination is ‘idiotic’, the voice over introduces Domino’s Spicy Triple Tango as ‘exotic’. As the narrative moves to the pizza, a Domino’s delivery boy armed with two boxes of pizza and a bottle of Coke appears before the new range of pizzas are showcased.

Another of the films features a visibly angry, huge man being accompanied by two intimidated guards/helpers, while a voice over introduces him as ‘dominator’. Lying on a couch in a shrink’s clinic, he gets hypnotised by the doctor into believing that he is a chicken. The next time he’s walking with the two guards, he’s as aggressive, but adopts the gestures of a chicken. The voice over introduces the new pizza thus: “Yeh chicken dominator. Yeh combination toh shocking hai. Par Domino’s ka chicken dominator toh rocking hai!” (This combination is shocking. But the combination of Domino’s chicken dominator is rocking!)

On similar lines, a film features a race horse (bearing the number seven) and a man enjoying a head massage, implying that he is in ‘heaven’. The man with his masseur are seated on the horse as the voice over says that this combination of ‘seventh heaven’ is ‘bakwas’ (rubbish), but Domino’s combination of ‘Seventh Heaven’ is ‘jhakaas’ (outstanding).
Harneet Singh Rajpal, vice president, marketing, Domino’s, said, “This is after a very long time that we are using new toppings and combinations to launch ten new pizzas. The objective is to refresh the pizza menu offering and make it more exciting for our consumers to continue enjoying Domino’s pizzas. Adding new pizzas to the menu serves as a trigger for consumers to find more moments to eat out and creates time for further rejuvenating the relationships and bonds with loved ones.”
On the campaign, Rajpal said, “We wanted to present a fresh clutter breaking take on the exciting new pizza range. The communication was designed around the name play of these exotic pizzas so that they get etched in consumers mind. The clutter breaking creative ideas are brought to life with a campaign of three interesting TVCs centered around the name of these pizzas and exciting topping combinations. All the three TVCs are a visual treat and great fun to watch as they juxtapose something really unimaginable and bit stupid against something very delicious and exciting.”
Mayur Hola, executive creative director, Contract Advertising, said, “A menu refresh with 10 new pizzas is a first for Domino's India. Naturally, we were like kids in a candy store. And just one film was never going to be enough. The task we set ourselves was to put the names of these pizzas on people's lips and create a few mini brands within the larger Domino's umbrella. So we collectively took a call to make a tactical departure from 'Rishton Ka Time' for this campaign. The oddball combinations we have in the films are a riot and I'm sure that once we're done running this work, people will call and ask for a Chicken Dominator or a Seventh Heaven etc. And have a giggle watching the films.”
Pooja Malhotra, senior vice president, account management, Contract Advertising, said, “The challenge was to not just communicate the message of a refresh menu but also what the menu offered. And fortunately enough, the new pizza names had the answer hidden in them. The names were so interesting that it naturally paved the way for an equally exciting campaign, one that allowed us to exaggerate and highlight the pizza combination through a series of fun filled television films.”
Client: Domino’s
Creative agency: Contract Advertising
National creative director: Ashish Chakravarty
Executive creative director: Mayur Hola
Senior creative director: Souvik Datta
Creative team: Ashish Chakravarty, Mayur Hola, Souvik Datta, Uddipta Borah, Akshat Ghildial, Ritrup Biswas, PrateekSuri, Ravi Shankar, Dhruv Tiwari, Anushree Jain, Nitin Gupta, Shruti Bhatia
Account management team: Pooja Malhotra, Ashit Chakravarty, Virender Bhawnani, Sanchita Vijay
 Production house: Like Minded People
 Director (film): Piyush Raghani


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