Cadbury's Oreo celebrates siblings bonding over new flavour

Watch the ad film created by Interface Communications

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Cadbury India has released a new ad film to announce the launch of a new flavour for its Oreo cookies. Interface Communications has created the film that goes on air today.

The three earlier films revolved around the parent-child relationship, while this time the story revolves around the relationship between siblings.

The film begins with a girl asking her younger brother if he wants to eat an Oreo. When he says yes, she tells him that he has to wear her hair band to get the cookie. Left with no choice, the boy agrees. She puts the band around his eyes and hands him the Oreo. He is surprised and excited at the taste of chocolate and removes his band. He then reminds his sister to dunk the cookies in milk. In the end when she asks for her band, the boy demands more Oreos. The TVC ends with a child’s voice over that says, 'New Oreo Choco crème from Cadbury’.

Commenting on the brief, Robby Mathew, national creative director, Interface Communications, said, “The brief given to us was to announce the new Choco crème flavour of Oreo that Cadbury has launched. If you look at the earlier three films: each of them revolved around ‘twist, lick, and dunk’ and the funda of Oreo is to bring loved ones together. The insight is that today everyone has a hectic and stressed life with moms working, dads working and kids rushing to school, there is very little time for the family to spend together. Therefore, the emotional idea of the film is that an Oreo moment is all about loved ones sharing fun moments together. The basic creative device that we used was of surprise."

He added, “The TVC is about one-upmanship between the brother and sisters. That was the whole idea of the film and it was done in a very sweet manner with the siblings. We wanted to show the love and the bonding, one upmanship, masti between a brother and sister. We captured these little things in the film.”

The campaign has explored the digital medium with Cadbury having a short game on its Oreo India Facebook page, which members could play to get a preview of the new TVC for the cookies.


Agency: Interface Communications

NCD: Robby Mathew

Client servicing: Joe Thaliath, Ruchita Purohit

Account planning: Arthi Basak

Films coordinator: Alpa Jobalia

Production house: Ramesh Deo Productions

Producer: Apurba

Director: Abhinay Deo


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