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Apr 04, 2013

Bisleri says to 'Kiss to drink', buy your own bottle

Watch the TVC created by Soho Square

Bottled water major Bisleri International has beefed up its ‘Kiss to Drink’ campaign, which it introduced December 2012. Crafted by Soho Square, the company will be launching  three TVCs to promote the company’s 500 ml bottles.

The brand had launched the outdoor leg of the campaign in metros last year. The films will be launched on the digital platform first, on 4 April. The TVC will air on general entertainment channels (GECs) and youth-centric channels on 6 April. The campaign uses humour to connect with the target audience while driving the idea that one should buy their own bottle to drink water and not share.

Jayanti Chauhan, director, Bisleri International, said, “The key message boils down to getting the consumer to get his/her own bottle, as 500 ml is enough for one person. India has become a 1litre market whereas 500ml bottle is more convenient without being expensive. We aim to aggressively push the 500ml to the on-the move consumers”.

The commercial titled ‘Classroom’ revolves around a conversation between a boy and girl. Seated in the classroom, the girl is shown working on her computer, when the boy joins her. He asks if she has called off her relationship with her boyfriend Karan. She replies in the negative and asks why he wants to know. He informs her that he had seen Karan with another girl and he then takes a sip from her Bisleri bottle. The girl looks crestfallen and breaks into a shrilling scream startling the boy. She yells, “Kiss karke peena hai toh apni bottle kharid na!" Looking gravely upset, she wipes the bottle and gets back to work. The voice over says, “Bisleri 500 – pehle apni kharido, phir muh se kiss karo. Shabaash!”  The TVC ends with a pack shot of Bisleri 500 ml bottle and the super - Kiss to Drink.

Ramesh Chauhan, chairman and managing director, Bisleri International, said, “We have taken cue from a basic consumer behaviour that we do not like to share water with someone who has touched the bottle to his/her mouth (jootha). The campaign takes into consideration this behavior and asks the consumer to buy their own bottle and drink straight from the bottle (kiss)”.

Anuraag Khandelwal and Satish deSa, executive creative directors and creative heads, Soho Square, said in a joint statement, “How many times have you returned to your desk, to find somebody has taken a swig from your water bottle? We took the annoyance one feels when confronted with a water hijacker, and amped it up in the three films. Setting out to change a social behaviour, we added the motley crowd in the end. They urge the offending person to get his own bottle, if he intends to ‘kiss and drink’. We hope serial offenders will think twice before stealing the next swig.”

The integrated marketing plan features on-ground events including flash mobs and contests in key metros.


Client: Bisleri International
Creative agency: Soho Square
Digital agency: Flying Cursor
ECDs and Creative Heads: Anuraag Khandelwal, Satish deSa
Media planning: Beehive Communications

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