Bindu redefines cool

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Bindu Fizz Jeera Masala Soda has rolled out a summer campaign '#CoolTohBinduHai' (Bindu is cool), to appeal to its youth target audience. 


Conceptualised by Wirality Media, the films showcase how the protagonist equates the word 'cool' with the brand's name. 


The first film showcases a young politician and a personal assistant. The politician is on call and reassures the person on the other line that they will win the elections as they have bagged majority of the vote bank. The call ends with the politician saying 'we are cool'. The PA interrupts him and say's it's not 'we are cool' but 'we are Bindu'. The PA tells the confused politician #CoolTohBinduHai   and gives him a bottle of Bindu to try.


The second film showcases two college students ragging their juniors. One of the bullies says that it will be cool if we make them a 'murga' (chicken). To which one of the boys getting bullied say's it's not cool, it's Bindu. The other boy getting bullied also chimes in by saying '#CoolTohBinduHai bro'. The film ends with the bully sipping Bindu and saying that this summer #CoolTohBinduHai.

Megha Shankar, director, SG Corporates, said, "As we usher in the next chapter for SG Corporates, we are excited to announce the launch of our summer campaign, '#CoolTohBinduHai' through a two-film campaign. The idea is so closely integrated with the category that it has the power of making Bindu synonymous with the word 'cool'. The campaign is the first step towards building Bindu Fizz Jeera Masala, as a national brand."


Saanand Warrier, CEO, Wirality, said, “It’s a pleasure to work with an enterprise that has such a strong legacy. Being a Bengaluru-based team, we have all been consumers of the brand for a long time. This summer campaign is an important juncture in the brand’s journey and we are grateful for getting the opportunity to be part of this. We look at this as a start with greater prospects ahead.”

Pranav Harihar Sharma, writer and director, said, "Cool as a word today has many meanings and Bindu’s new campaign ‘Cool Toh Bindu Hai’ is out there to capture all those meanings. We are aiming to capture the imagination of GenZ, millennials and even baby boomers as ‘cool’ as a word today has become a subconscious expression for all and sundry. So this campaign will use ‘cool’ as a word, as an expression and as a physical word, as in ‘cold drink’. So this summer if it's cool, it's Bindu!”
Client: Bindu Fizz Jeera Masala
Agency: Wirality Media 
CEO: Saanand Warrier
Writer: Pranav Harihar Sharma
Creative head: Sourya Bhattacharjee
Digital head: Karan Verma
Account director: Prathiksha Rohini
Account executive: Prerna Khettry
Creative team: Priyanka Dutta, Sugata Biswas, Gautam Muraleedharan
Digital team: Jaidev Nandi, Rajesh Kumar
Production house: MOM Content Studio
Director: Pranav Harihar Sharma
Producer: Darpan Trisal
DOP: Tassaduq Hussain Baba
Creative producer: Reena Oberoi
Music director: Hanif Shaikh
Editor: Protim Khound
Executive producer: Vikash Arya


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