Aviva Heart Care focusses on 'good habits at home'

Watch the ad films conceptualised by Contract Advertising here

Dec 08, 2016 04:30:00 AM | Video | Campaign India Team

Aviva Life Insurance has announced a heart insurance scheme for couples in India - 'Aviva Heart Care'. To communicate this three films that show light-hearted exchanges between couples have been conceptualised by Contract Advertising.
One film (above) shows a couple hiding each other's cigarette lighters as they look to make each other quit smoking. The voice over says 'good habits at home means one is thinking about a healthy heart', before introducing 'Aviva's Healthy Heart Care' initiative. 

Another film shows a couple exercising together. They look to do a plank each for a minute together. The man thinks a minute is too less, and he can stay in that position for five minutes. He then quickly claims that in five days he'll be fit and have abs. As he says so, he can't stay in that position any longer and falls. The lady smiles, and urges him to go on for another 46 seconds, saying that would make his stomach 'fully flat'. The voice over says, 'Doing planks at home means healthy thinking'. 

The third film shows a couple dining together. A lady has an Aviva Heart Care brochure in hand while the man has gotten two bowls of quinoa for them. As the duo eat it, the man is shown teaching his wife the pronunciation of the food, albeit unsuccessfully. Their young daughter chips in with a pronunciation of her own. The voice over says 'Quinoa at home means healthy thinking.' 
Each of the films end with brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar appearing and saying 'Now, that's good thinking'. 
Speaking with Campaign India, Anjali Malhotra, chief customer, marketing and digital officer, Aviva India, said, "Insurance is looked at as a necessary evil. The brief given to the agency was to treat it differently. The whole philosophy of the 'good thinking' campaign is about looking at insurance from a different lens. We are identifying needs that are unfulfilled and are more relevant in these times. We want to build healthy India, and that's the brand purpose as well. We want India to make good nutritional and lifestyle choices. We are already seeing some people making good choices – picking juices instead of colas, healthy greens instead of fried food, using the stairs instead of elevators." 
Trevor Bull, managing director and CEO, Aviva Life Insurance, said,“At Aviva, we are committed to helping people lead a healthy life. As part of our 'Good Thinking' philosophy, we conceptualised 'Aviva Heart Care' to help people achieve their healthy heart goals and also encourage them to make health a priority for themselves and their spouses.”
The films have been released on digital medium today (8 December) and will soon go on television.