surrogate advertising

Oct 28, 2021

Create Magic Moments one sip at a time

Watch the films conceptualised by ADK Fortune Communications here

Jan 19, 2021

Blog: Thank you Mr. Kamath! Better late than never

Following the news of ASCI banning surrogate ads of 12 liquor companies, the author states that his crusade of three years against ASCI’s inaction has finally succeeded!

Nov 03, 2020

Blog: ASCI on liquor surrogates - too little, too late

The author states that the release shared by ASCI on surrogate advertising is anchored on flimsy claims

Oct 13, 2020

Blog: ASCI's Subhash Kamath responds to open letter on surrogate advertising

The ASCI chairman states that surrogate advertising does merit a close look

Oct 12, 2020

Blog: Open letter to Subhash Kamath, chairman, ASCI on surrogate advertising

The author requests the new ASCI chairman to examine all the surrogate advertisements currently on air during the IPL

Jul 11, 2018

Opinion: ASCI on surrogate advertising: Too little, too late

The author reproduces an e-mail exchange with the ASCI regarding surrogate advertising during the IPL