Jul 21, 2016

Opinion: Why relevance should win over revenue in shirt sponsorship

The author questions whether enough thought is being put into the name on the shirt

Mar 11, 2013

Branding and sponsorship portal whereisyourbrand.com launched

The website lists opportunities in the ATL and BTL space for brands

Dec 16, 2009

Internet Question: Can you get yourself to forgive Tiger Woods?

The Tiger Woods scandal is one of the most sensational controversies involving sports stars in recent times.Scandals involving celebrities, however, are nothing new.David Beckham, Michael Phelps, Shane Warne, Mohammad Azharuddin, Hansie Cronje, Michael Jackson – all have been part of it. They’ve been embarrassed by it. They’ve managed to recover from it. And most of them have got back to business.

Apr 29, 2008

Protests 'will cut value' of Olympic ties

Protests 'will cut value' of Olympic tiesEd KempSponsors of the Olympic Games in Beijing will see the value of their association with the event 'cut in half' because of the activity of 'free Tibet' protestors and Darfur pressure groups, according to marketing researcher Sport+Markt.