sandeep goyal

2 days ago

Virat Kohli is India's most trendy, handsome, stylish, glamorous, fearless and charming celeb

IIHB analyses and evaluates celebrities as human brands in which Amitabh Bachchan and MS Dhoni also score very high

Oct 14, 2020

Blog: Don't quote process, demonstrate purpose

Sandeep Goyal responds to Subhash Kamath's reply to his open letter

Oct 12, 2020

Blog: Open letter to Subhash Kamath, chairman, ASCI on surrogate advertising

The author requests the new ASCI chairman to examine all the surrogate advertisements currently on air during the IPL

Sep 15, 2020

Brands endorsed by celebs tainted by drug abuse will suffer: IIHB report

No major surprise in terms of celebrities using drugs, but consumers will only turn away from the brand when the celebrity is named in the media

Aug 20, 2020

Blog: Trust the Japanese to celebrate amidst adversity

Hanabi or ‘fireworks’ organised to lift the mood of the nation during the pandemic

Aug 18, 2020

Blog: Dream11's IPL title sponsorship makes for bad global optics

The author explains why he would rather see an 'Indian' company win the rights