Nov 03, 2023

RIP Gen Z, Millennial, Boomer: Is it time for the marketing industry to ditch generational labels?

Leading think tank The Pew Research Center has announced it will stop using generational terms like 'Gen Z' to describe different cohorts of society, but should marketers follow?

Jul 13, 2021

Gen Z and millennials seek diverse voices in audio: Spotify report

Spotify’s Culture Next report surveyed 9,000 Gen Z and millennial respondents and conducted interviews with more than 40 people in 18 markets

Jul 31, 2018

North India has the largest gap in aspiration for wealth: Bankbazaar

The latest results of the Bankbazaar Aspiration Index is out. This is what it unveils

Apr 03, 2018

Blog: Rich kid, poor kid - Part 4

In this blog a corporate lawyer, a corporate consultant, a dentist and a CSR Consultant share their experiences

Mar 26, 2018

Blog: Rich kid, poor kid - Part 3

In this part of the continuing series on millennials, a lawyer, an ad man, a film producer and a corporate executive voice their views

Mar 19, 2018

Blog: Rich Kid Poor Kid - Part 2

In response to the author's article last week, the millennials respond in full strength. Let's hear it straight from them.