jean marie dru

Apr 07, 2009

Watch the Storyboard Special with Jean-Marie Dru

One just can't get enough of Jean-Marie Dru. Watch this Storyboard Special where the father of disruption, Jean-Marie Dru, speaks of 'Disrupting the Downturn'. He explains Disruption as a methodology, which is about challenging conventions to create something entirely new - a concept not only limited to advertising. Get useful insights into what organisations need to do differently, in order to perform during the slowdown, today at 1.30 pm, only on CNBC-TV18. 

Apr 04, 2009

“Advertising should become what people are interested in:” TBWA’s Dru

For those in advertising, missing a talk by the industry legend, Jean-Marie Dru, chairman of TBWA Worldwide, would be an opportunity of a lifetime lost. No surprise then that several hundred people packed in to hear him speak, choosing this 3 p.m. panel over the enticements of an open bar and the warm, sparkling blue waters of the Arabian Sea.Basing the presentation on TBWA’s success stories, Dru guided the audience through various campaigns that reiterated the concept of ‘Disruption’.

Apr 03, 2009

Win meetings with the Gods

Campaign India would like to reward all those who made the time and the effort to be here.If there were a theme that Campaign India could think of for Goafest 09, that theme would be thank you. And it’s not enough to just say the words, we’ve got to demonstrate our gratitude.Here we go, but this is only for delegates under 30, and who are in Goa.

Apr 03, 2009

TBWA's Jean-Marie Dru in conversation with Campaign India

Campaign India caught up with Jean-Marie Dru, chairman, TBWA. His theory of Disruption has to be one of the most admired philosophies in the advertising world, cutting across agency lines.

Feb 26, 2009

Goafest 2009: Look who’s talking: Jean-Marie Dru

Take Jean-Marie Dru’s name and the word Disruption comes to mind. Dru, chairman of TBWA Worldwide, has popularised and pioneered the concept of Disruption worldwide and has authored books on the same subject including Disruption: Overturning Conventions and Shaking up the Marketplace and Beyond Disruption: Changing the Rules in the Marketplace.

Feb 26, 2009

Goafest registration to kick off from 1 March

The registration for Goafest 2009 begins on 1st March and will be open till 25th March The  last date to submit entries is 10th March. As reported by Campaign India earlier, Goafest will be held from 2nd April to 4th April. The Industry Leadership conclave will be held on 2nd April and Knowledge and Learning Seminars on 3rd and 4th April. While the Media Abby will take place on 3 April, the Creative Abby will be hosted on 4th April.