gen z

Nov 03, 2023

RIP Gen Z, Millennial, Boomer: Is it time for the marketing industry to ditch generational labels?

Leading think tank The Pew Research Center has announced it will stop using generational terms like 'Gen Z' to describe different cohorts of society, but should marketers follow?

Apr 06, 2022

95% of Indian Gen Z are interested in AR shopping: Snapchat

The report decodes the identity, communication, commerce, and connection trends of India’s Gen Z

Dec 21, 2021

Opinion: Understanding Gen Z in India

Indians born between 1997 and 2010 differ both from the western conception of Gen Z consumers and from each other, depending on where and how they live

Jul 13, 2021

Gen Z and millennials seek diverse voices in audio: Spotify report

Spotify’s Culture Next report surveyed 9,000 Gen Z and millennial respondents and conducted interviews with more than 40 people in 18 markets

May 25, 2021

Gen Z relies on non-traditional sources for healthcare information

A US study by Mediahub reveals social media has become the most trusted source for healthcare information

May 14, 2021

60% of millennial, Gen Z transactions fulfilled via virtual wallets: Dentsu Data Science Report

‘The Next Normal: The Rise of the Contactless Economy' study looks at impact of a contactless world on consumer behaviour