Jun 12, 2024

Brand identity versus visibility: Crafting a unified strategy for marketplace and D2C presence⁠

By exploiting the broad reach of marketplaces, brands can draw in new customers, while also utilising their D2C platform to gather crucial insights, and enhance overall profitability.

Jan 10, 2024

Flipkart steals the show from Alia Bhatt at a wedding

Watch the film conceptualised by Leo Burnett here

Nov 08, 2023

E-commerce vs offline festive clash: Is the consumer the winner?

We explore who will be the winner in the online vs brick-and-mortar marketing blitzkrieg this festive season while trying to understand the factors behind 'predatory pricing' and 'deep discounts'

Jul 08, 2022

Where is the ‘mouse’ of the gaming industry moving?

Experts speak about the factors that can overturn the trivial perception of the gaming industry, the impact of the Metaverse on it and the industry’s way ahead

Aug 10, 2021

E-commerce goes mainstream in Apac: Reprise

A study conducted across 13 markets in the region reveals key changes in online shopping patterns in the region