david ogilvy

Nov 08, 2019

What if... David Ogilvy made this famous remark in 2019

The author examines the possible outcomes of a similar comment made in the times we live in

Sep 20, 2019

DDB's Wendy Clark: I'm not really a fan of the term work-life balance

Last month, Campaign India interviewed Wendy Ludlow Clark, global president and CEO, DDB Worldwide over a Facebook Live. As there were multiple requests for the transcript, we are sharing the text of the chat.

Oct 22, 2018

Blog: Of product lines and celebrities

The last part of our series on 250 years of celebrity endorsements

May 27, 2014

Dave Trott on David Abbott: WRITER WITH A CAP W

My favourite David Abbott story is about the Economist campaign.

Jul 23, 2013

Lulu Raghavan’s blog: Can you sell your best creative ideas?

Think of every objection as another opportunity to strengthen your big idea, says the author.

Dec 23, 2011

David Ogilvy's 'Confessions of an Advertising Man' translated in Tamil

Ogilvy Dakshin took the initiative and Piyush Pandey has written the foreword