Dave Trott

Dec 26, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: Copernican shift

The author states that the advertising industry needs a paradigm shift to see that it's not at the centre of the universe, but people are

Sep 16, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: The letter of the law, not the ...

The author reveals that the advertising industry has lost touch with reality and the job it is supposed to be doing

Jul 19, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: The security blanket of research

The author compares a 'bomb-detecting' device with advertising research

Mar 15, 2021

Dave Trott's blog: Kill the marketing dept

The author explains how a company's revenue went from $40m to $400m when they fired the marketing department

Nov 29, 2020

Dave Trott's blog: Write like people talk

The author states that to get a campaign going viral one needs brains, not money

Jan 10, 2020

Dave Trott's blog: Another glass?

The story of the man who convinced the world different types of wine deserved different glasses.