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Mar 10, 2011

All About: TV Product Placement

Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy looks at the trend that has caught on

Oct 07, 2010

Double Standards: Is paid media making things tougher for PR?

Campaign India’s Arati Rao asks Sonia Huria, senior manager - communications at Colors, and Yash Khanna, president of CMCG India, if public relations is getting more challenging with the increasing incidence of paid media and whether the latter is ethically sound

May 08, 2009

Do Indian brands understand the role of PR?

Do Indian companies regard PR as an important component of the communication mix? Campaign India Team finds out. When a brand suffers what one may term as a PR crisis, how rapidly it reacts to the situation is a measure of how well it can manage conversations and maintain its public face. But while a crisis is at best an occasional occurrence, how a company deals with public relations on an ongoing basis, as a part of its communciation mix is a critical factor. Do Indian companies understand the critical role that PR plays in the communication mix?