celebrity endorsements

May 28, 2019

GroupM report: Marketing spends on Indian films reaches Rs 606 crore

Television and digital claimed 75 per cent of these spends

May 22, 2019

Blog: Greedy, greedy, greedy MS Dhoni!

Celebrity greed is well known. But sometimes it can be nauseating

Jan 02, 2019

Blog: King Kohli or King Kong Kohli?

There are two schools of thought on Virat Kohli. One that believes that he ought to be more restrained, more responsible, more respectful. The other school believes that Kohli is Kohli because he is everything that you do not expect him to be, which is why when he is aggressive and abrasive, he is actually charming and captivating; endearing and enviable.

Sep 27, 2018

Blog: 250 years of celebrity endorsements - Part 2

This is the second part of our five part series that celebrates 250 years of celebrity endorsements

Jan 22, 2016

ASCI trains guns on celebs in pan masala ads; says liquor surrogates 'hasn't come up so far', 'might be addressed soon'

Banning celebrity endorsements when ads for a category are allowed evokes strong and mixed reactions from adland

Dec 07, 2012

Have celebrity endorsements lost value with too many appearing in ads?

A chance to win an Edifier iPod Docking Station