brand india

Aug 19, 2020

Opinion: Jai ho brand India

A strong digital India will be at the core of a strong brand India, explains the author

Jul 04, 2019

Blog: Virat and Rohit stoop to conquer as brand India shines

The author explains how the Indian female cricket fan has a face finally after the incidents during the India-Bangladesh ODI

Nov 27, 2018

Blog: 26/11- why corporates that support 'brand’ India deserve our gratitude

The author thanks all the brands that stood up for India and Mumbai through an event that caused heavy hearts, moist eyes and lumps in the throat at the Gateway of India.

Apr 02, 2018

Opinion: Samosa enhances ‘Brand India’ in the UK

The Samosa is an unlikely ambassador for taking India to the world. But in the UK, a media personality is doing exactly that

Oct 01, 2013

Narendra Modi’s formula for ‘Brand India’: Leverage legacy, ‘soft’ power; marry global demand with India’s strengths

‘Don’t try to impress the world, inspire it,’ said the Gujarat chief minister, at IAA’s Platinum Jubilee Global Marketing Summit in Mumbai on 30 September