anisha motwani

Sep 16, 2015

Campaign@8: What's your Oxygen? Part 1 of 6

Here's the first instalment of what adlanders believe is their oxygen and the belief that has helped them get to where they are:

Jul 06, 2015

Live Issue: Have instant noodles taken a hit with Maggi?

There is agreement on the category being affected, but how will brands address the situation?

Dec 18, 2014

Gender sensitivity in ads: 2014 a turning point?

More ads than ever seemed to espouse women’s empowerment and equality. But has the industry turned the page?

Oct 08, 2014

Are brands’ social channels safe with youth?

Is a young crop managing social media to blame for some of the blunders we're seeing? Umaire Effendi asks

Jul 21, 2014

Double Standards: Are brands doing enough to target the ‘baby boomer’ TG?

We ask Madhukar Sabnavis and Anisha Motwani if the segment is under-leveraged