Ajay Mehta
May 14, 2020

Work from home diary: 'Calls. Dishes. Mop. Repeat!'

Mindshare Content+'s Ajay Mehta describes his typical work from day

Work from home diary: 'Calls. Dishes. Mop. Repeat!'
Calls. Dishes. Mop. Repeat!
A not so typical day!
I feel extremely domesticated but at the same time it has made me realise the importance of domestic help – huge respect for them! Not an easy task. Running a P&L seems easier at times. Speaking about domestication I have been using more Vim, Surf Matic & Lizol than I use perfumes, conditioners or for that matter my hair wax & gel!
While the world is following WFH for me it’s ‘when will I get home from work’. I have mixed feelings but have taken it in my stride and have adapted to this new normal – new working style, space and the crazy hours. Calls and virtual meetings are mentally and physically exhausting but at the same time feel happy to be at home with folks, wife and my nine year-old son, these times with them are so special, precious and priceless and I am making the most of it.
In between calls, my son and me have our PS4 FIFA breaks or a few dribbles in the living room followed by celebrations after scoring a goal or striking one between two chairs!
Disciplined over Laziness - I have been forced to become more disciplined and everyone at home is surprised, whether it’s me setting up my desk at night, ironing my clothes, or preparing my ‘to do’ list including a brief for my cook along with a list of ingredients with clear timelines all spelt out.
Happy hours: My working hours are a minimum 10-11 hours a day, six days a week – but the best part is to end my day with a scotch or a self-made cocktail to relax and unwind with family with some yummy home-cooked food.
Much has been said about the ‘new normal’. For me it’s just another day either in the kitchen or my virtual office with hot desking in different rooms, juggling presentations, client calls and a bit of sweeping, moping, dusting and of course my favourite ‘doing dishes’. Yet, I smile and say 
'this too shall pass'.
(The author is senior vice president, Mindshare Content+)
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