Spatial Access Solutions launches ‘PRizard’

The new tool aims to provide a scientific approach to measure results from PR-led activities

Spatial Access Solutions launches ‘PRizard’

Media and marketing services audit firm Spatial Access Solutions has formally announced the launch of a new PR efficiency mapping tool, ‘PRizard’. The new tool aims to provide a scientific approach to measure results from PR-led activities and help brands identify keywords and dimensions for their messaging.

On the idea behind launching this tool, Geetanjali Bhattacharji, chief operating officer, Spatial Access Solutions said, “PR has generally been evaluated on the volume of coverage and tone of content. The PR industry has grown and the metrics for evaluation also need to be changed accordingly. This tool has been developed with these changing trends in consideration.”

The tool works on the 'Proximity-Association' principle, where, if the word 'crunch' is repetitively used in close association to Kellogg's, consumers associate Kellogg’s with its crunchiness.  PRizard is able to browse for target words that it wishes to track through the online and print coverage in digital format and analyse the positivity or negativity of the content using cluster analysis and text mining. The tool is completely automated and does not require human intervention, and also identifies words or association of words that could be opportunities or threats from the data.

The tool has been in use since January 2011 and the agency has already mined data for a host of clients including an alcoholic brewery brand, celebrities and a creative agency who is creating a new image dimension for an auto brand.

On the way forward for the tool, Bhattacharji revealed that the agency intends to make it an online tool by next year. “We want to make this tool available online so that brand managers and analysts can upload their PR coverage and get their data analysed instantly,” she added.

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