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Dec 18, 2017

'Mobile programmatic will be the key driver for programmatic': Gurmit Singh

We ask industry leaders for a learning from 2017 and an expectation from 2018

'Mobile programmatic will be the key driver for programmatic': Gurmit Singh

Campaign India starts the countdown to the new year with an industry leader putting down one learning from 2017 and an expectation from 2018.

Here's what Gurmit Singh, VP and MD, Yahoo India had to say:

One learning from 2017...

2017 has been a roller coaster ride in terms of technological advancements in the adtech space. One can never underestimate the change that can be brought about in a year. Technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR), that seemed very niche have progressed dramatically in 2017. 
While AR and VR have been around for at least a decade now, each passing year seems to make the technology more robust, seamless and accessible. It no longer sound like a wildly futuristic concept with brands across gaming, travel, health and other sectors indulging in the technology.
The potential of VR is immense as it lets viewers be active participants and makes the experience more engaging for them. Many advertisers claim that AR and VR are among the top revenue drivers of all new video formats in 2017 and consumers are driving increased demand for this fully immersive video format. 
A prediction for 2018...

It’s an exciting time for the advertising industry. Programmatic might just be a buzz word in India, but this is set to change as programmatic will soon command a big share of the pie once more advertisers start recognising its benefits. 
I think, 2018 will see wide adoption of programmatic buying and selling at higher ratios across businesses as they hone in on more sophisticated ways of automating campaigns and more people drop the 'spray and pray' approach.
Next year is expected to see more open conversations and expert guidance across the industry around programmatic. We also expect to see the ecosystem come together and collaborate to pursue a more holistic approach to programmatic, including standardising metrics, setting expectations and building creative and planning capabilities to fill gaps in data quality.
Mobile programmatic will be the key driver for programmatic. Mobile video will also push that forward, as more inventory becomes available to programmatic platforms.


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