Shephali Bhatt
Jul 09, 2012

MMGB: Heineken 'The Switch' campaign

Suffering from a morose Monday morning? Here's 'The Switch' to turn it into a sprightly one

MMGB: Heineken 'The Switch' campaign

Mired with Monday morning blues yet again? Here's the new advert for Heineken created by TBWA\Neboko that might help you 'switch' from gloom to boom.

WATCH the TVC here:

For the uninitiated, the initial dead look of the bar takes cue from a popular American TV series of the 90s called Twin Peaks. When the three men in the film ask for a Heineken, the bartender presses a hidden lever and the dismal look of the bar transforms magically. What adds mirth to the magic is Clairy Browne and her group - the Bangin' Rackettes making an appearance and singing 'Love Letter' in the second half of the film.

Hope the TV commercial has done enough to 'Open Your World'. Have a happy working week.


Client: Heineken
Agency: TBWA\Neboko
Director: Martin Krejci

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