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Mar 01, 2011

Honda drives home “performance and comfort” with new campaign

WATCH the new film created by Dentsu Marcom as part of the campaign

Honda drives home “performance and comfort” with new campaign

Honda has unveiled a new campaign to promote the added features to their flagship car, the Accord. Dentsu Marcom has worked on the communication, which consists of a TVC and an internet film that will showcase the features and change points of the car. In addition there will be print ads in magazines. 

Watch the TVC (story continues below)

The film opens on intense driving shots, and the driver is seen enjoying his drive. As the film progresses, we realize a girl is asleep in the car’s navigator seat. Distant from the car’s deft manoeuvres, she seems to be enjoying a nap in the car’s comfortable interiors. The driver stops the car by a beautiful view. He pushes a button, the sunroof slides open and the girl wakes up to the gentle caress of the sunlight. Not completely awake, she says, ‘Make me some tea’. Then she wakes up to realize she isn’t in her bedroom but in the car. The driver and the girl laugh. The TVC ends with a voiceover, “Performance and Comfort. The perfect match.”

On the new campaign, Nitin Suri, national creative director, Dentsu Marcom pointed out that the objective from a communication perspective was to show that the car provides a perfect mix of performance and comfort to deliver an unforgettable driving experience. “The brief from the client was to showcase the car in general and specifically the sunroof. The brief therefore was to bring live unmatched performance and great comfort offered together as the benefits of the Honda Accord,” he added. 

Elaborating on the campaign’s uniqueness, Suri explained, “The luxury automobile space itself is not about a single characteristic. For Accord, the challenge was to change the rules of the game and make luxury almost hygiene. In that sense this commercial is clutter breaking because it is true to the consumer who is getting younger and is looking for a rush of adrenalin as well from his car. The consumer is used to a certain luxury and takes that for granted. This commercial brings alive this dual aspect of the car.”


Creative Agency: Dentsu Marcom Pvt. Ltd

Client: Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.

Team Lead: A. Kurokawa

National Creative Director: Nitin Suri

Creative Director: Nitin Suri

Art Director: Rohit Dhamija

Copywriter: Udayan Chakravarthy

Account Management and strategy: Chandana Agarwal and team

Director (of the film): Christian Lyngbye

Production House: Cutting Edge

Post production studio: The Post Bangkok

Music credits: Clinton

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