Sarah Shearman
Jul 12, 2011

Google+ readies service for brands

Google is readying the launch of a business version of its Google+ social networking service, and is asking brands to hold off using the consumer version to create profiles, until it rolls out the product later this year.

Google+ readies service for brands

Christian Oestlien, Google+ project manager, announced via YouTube that Google was working on creating a Google+ service for businesses and brands, which would include rich analytics, with the ability to connect it with Google products, such as AdWords.

He said, "We are focused on optimising for the consumer experience, but we have a great team of engineers building a similar optimised business experience for Google+."

Oestlien said that Google was currently inviting a small group of business and brands to take part in a series of tests to see how consumers interact with them via the service’s stream and its Circles and Hangouts features.

Google launched Google+ at the end of last month (29 June) and, while it is already attracting interest from brands, many are warning it will have to achieve scale before marketing spend is diverted.

The move comes as business networking site LinkedIn is looking to attract more spend from UK brands, promoting the services it offers including its brand pages, which work in a similar way to Facebook’s.

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