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Dec 04, 2015

Former Vizeum head Yesudas partners Ajit Nair and Amit Tripathi to launch triggerbridge

'Unagency' to launch products starting with digital platform to aggregate storytellers and tech producers

Former Vizeum head Yesudas partners Ajit Nair and Amit Tripathi to launch triggerbridge
Former Vizeum hand S Yesudas announced on 3 December the launch of his entrepreneurial venture, triggerbridge. Partnering him are Ajit Nair of MX Advertising, and Amit Tripathi of IdeateLabs.
Yesudas was managing director for the Indian sub-continent of media agency Vizeum (Dentsu Aegis Network), a position he stepped down from in July this year.
triggerbridge is being billed as an ‘unagency’, which also claims to be ‘building many aggregation and collaboration models’.
In a statement announcing the launch, Yesudas added, “We believe the advertising agency model as it is practiced today will cease to exist in the foreseeable future. Global alignments, exclusive agency status will all fall by the wayside. Clients will look for smarter brand solutions for making enduring and meaningful connections with their consumers and not super-specialised silo solutions. Media owners will be engaged with, directly by clients and the focus on computer algorithm-driven efficiency parameters will also disappear. At triggerbridge, our endeavour is to future proof a disruptive model, True Vertexing, that will be the need of the hour, now and then by clients and hence, the 'unagency'. And interestingly this would be a virgin territory for us as agencies of today will only stay focused on the transactional mode of advertising as change for most of them will be difficult considering their models and complicated structures” 
Ajit Nair, managing director, MX Advertising, and director and co-founder, triggerbridge, said, "We have built our model around appropriate solutions for clients/brands at various life stages, be it a well-established brand or a brand which has already traversed some distance or a brand that needs to go digital from a business diversification perspective or even a client with a ready product and market but no marketing resources. While funds are the solution for one, an e-commerce ecosystem will be for the other and incredible story telling, optimal content development and deployment, usage of data and technology will be the solutions for some others."
Amit Tripathi, managing director, IdeateLabs, and director and co-founder, triggerbridge, added, “True Vertexing is hand holding the brands in the journey to the highest peaks through true contributions by triggerbridge and through true expressions by the brands. In addition to the fundamental change in definition, our disruption also includes a series of products for the very first time, moving the business away from a pure service; one such is a digital platform that aggregates storytellers and tech producers. Many more are in the pipeline. Our vision will be brought to life by brilliant minds. The overseeing creative board will include true storytellers like authors who have not been corrupted by 30-second TVCs and our business board will include members of other company boards as well as venture capitalists.”
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